Roger Booth

Enchanted Garden Landscape

Roger Booth

Enchanted Garden Landscape

Roger Booth

Enchanted Garden Landscape

Roger Booth

Enchanted Garden Landscape

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Roger Booth

Enchanted Garden Landscape


Enchanted Garden Landscape


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The biggest benefit to my company since starting IT support with IFIXITUSA has been peace of mind. I know that when there is an issue or something that we need it will be taken care of quickly, professionally, and accurately. Their response times and willingness to work with us non-computer people have been a real strength, and if someone was on the fence about choosing them as their IT firm I would tell them about our positive experience and emphasize the benefits we have experienced.


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I've worked with the crew at IFIXITUSA and have always had a solid experience. They have continued with their customer service and support and I will not go anywhere else. They have proven beyond competent and understand how to listen and make you feel like a person, not just the next in line. Cannot recommend enough.

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IFIXITUSA has excellent customer service. They have been able to properly diagnose any issues I have had and explain things in a way that I can understand. Their pricing is so reasonable and they consistently go over and above in repairs and service. I would recommend them to anyone in need of help with any piece of technology.

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01 / EASY

Let us take care of your IT. No more wasting time figuring out how to keep your network running, with our managed services we are monitoring your IT resources 24/7. Spend more time running your business and less time on computer problems


Business cybersecurity is an evolving landscape. Through years of experience, we offer a security stack to keep all our clients safe. Best of all, our entire security suite is standard across all plans. We believe good security is a necessity, not a sales tactic

03 / FAST

Every minute a business is down they are losing money. We ensure not only will things run smoothly on the software side, in the event of hardware failure all your resources can be restored from fast and secure backups





Broken servers and workstations, cyber attacks, and data loss are real risks for any business. Some companies opt to handle IT internally, but is the designated "IT Guy" trained for your needs? When they are spending time fixing problems, how much of their own job responsibilities are neglected?


We believe in simple IT. Your systems should be running no matter what, and trying to juggle different vendors should not be a problem. By providing a one-stop solution, we take the guesswork out of your network


With advanced security defenses, constant monitoring with automated repairs, and comprehensive continuity plans, we provide the tools and skills you need to stay in business. No two businesses are alike, so we work to set up customized plans for all clients, and continuously review them for any neccesary changes 




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