With new security exploits discovered every day, keeping your business safe can be hard. We make it easier


We only give our customers the best of the best, and the impact and efficacy of Bitdefender advanced security technologies is proven by major independent security tests. Bitdefender consistently ranks first for detecting the most malicious samples while also generating the fewest false alerts for legitimate applications

Frequently asked questions

Do I really need managed security?

Large corporations are not the only business under attack. Small businesses are the preeminent targets for cyber-attacks. 72% of breaches involve companies with under 100 employees. New ransomware and other zero- day attacks constantly manage to elude conventional antivirus/antimalware defenses and cause loss of data, money, or productivity.

Why can't I buy just any anti-virus

Consumer anti-viruses only go so far. While they may catch common issues, they can only catch what they know of. With new exploits being released every day, it is impossible to keep up with any old program. Not only does Bitdefender combine proven machine learning algorithms and advanced behavioral monitoring to flag threats before they're even discovered, we manually review each suspicious incident. This human touch allows us to control exactly what is found and where to go next, no more guessing if software alone will handle an infection

Does this only look for viruses?

No, there's more to our solution than just anti-virus. Our package comes with several additional features. Intelligent endpoint protection monitors the behavior of each individual process, therefore catching infections before they mature enough to modify your files. You'll also get an advanced firewall and content blocker, ensuring all your employees are on task and not visiting sketchy websites while on the clock. These and several other options come standard, so you don't need to worry about paying more for what you should have to begin with